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Business-related education at SIS secondary schools and grammar schools

In addition to a comprehensive, holistic and foreign language-oriented education, all secondary and grammar school students at Saxony International Schools gain an insight into vocational training, the world of work and business management.

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In addition to a comprehensive, holistic and foreign language-oriented education, all secondary and grammar school students at Saxony International Schools gain insights into vocational training, the world of work and business management.
SIS is one of the pioneers of the "Praxisberater" secondary school project. This cooperation project between the Saxon Ministry of Education and the Federal Employment Agency was launched in June 2013 as a support measure for individual career and study guidance. Based on the results of an analysis of their potential, each student receives a development plan from the practical advisor, which is coordinated with the teacher, parents and, of course, the student themselves. The practical advisors also establish and maintain contacts with companies and offer individual advice for pupils and parents in years 7 and 8.
The Practice-oriented teaching (PU) is an additional offer at our schools and part of the compulsory timetable. The lessons take place in teaching cabinets equipped with a pool of tools and machines, computer technology and high-quality work materials.

Career guidance in everyday school life

The secondary schools in Reinsdorf and TRIAS Elsterberg have already been awarded the Saxon Seal of Quality for Vocational Orientation for the high quality of their vocational orientation. The other schools work according to the same concept, which leads us to expect uniform quality.

Practice-oriented teaching

In practice-oriented lessons (PU) and in conjunction with TC/Computer Science/WTH, we teach students a wide range of basic manual skills and abilities, such as

  • diverse projects in metal, wood, plastic and textile processing,
  • In the field of robot programming, students learn on models, produce circuits and test programming,
  • NC programming on an NC milling machine,
  • Design and construction of bodies, scanning of parts with professional software and their redesign or new developments including the production of certain parts using 3D printers,
  • Technical drawing both via PC and by hand,
  • Learning how to calculate the manufacturing costs of parts, effective design of production costs for different assembly variants (nest production),
  • T/C technology and PU are networked with each other,
  • the Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is linked to ten-finger typing.


In the subject of business, technology and home economics (WTH), a so-called company foundation project is initiated from Year 7 onwards, which is further developed in the following years. Through the practical/theoretical work on a concrete example, the pupils internalize both the connections between the individual subjects as well as the requirements and necessity of learning for their future lives in particular. The interdisciplinary project deals with the following points, among others:

  • Which company could I set up?
  • Success and market analysis, personnel and financial planning, discussion of approaches
  • Development of a business plan

Each company receives a fictitious starting capital at the beginning of the project. It then has to deal with business registration, tax office registration, bank, company premises, tools, necessary working materials, etc. Quotations have to be written, loans taken out and processes calculated, employment contracts prepared and wages calculated. Of course, creating a homepage (in IT lessons) is one of the tasks, and the possibility of insolvency is also discussed. For companies abroad, offers have to be written in English or Spanish, and the students also have to find out about local customs.

Contact person - Employment Agency

Ms. Andrea Henig
Career advisor

Phone: +49 37296 548-500

Visitor address:
Stollberg Employment Agency
Schlachthofstraße 5
09366 Stollberg

Responsible for career and study orientation at the IGN

Ms. Kaps
Schulweg 2
09399 Niederwürschnitz

Phone: 037296 932078


The following dates are useful for training, work and study.

However, it should be noted that events may still be postponed or canceled due to current events.

Saxon University Day at the Saxony University of Cooperative Education

"Career Start 2022 - The education, job and start-up fair in Saxony", Messe Dresden

Chemnitz Education Day

Week of open companies (Saxony-wide)

"Girl's Day 2022", "Boy's Day 2022"

You can also find all information and dates on our Instagram account bo_ignion

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