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Notebook project

You can access all important information and documents on the use of notebooks at our school via the institution's file repository at Lernsax or in the download area of the SIS.

EUROBOX lockers

Our colorful lockers are now available for students to use. If you have any questions about your contract or problems, please contact Eurobox directly.

Your contact:
Ms. Weidner
Phone: 03464 9019518

Lost & Found Box

Are you missing your children's clothes or has a lunch box not turned up again?

Various found items are collected in our "Lost & Found Box". Please contact or send your child to our school administrator so that we can check whether the missing item is there. If some items do not find an owner, we will donate them to a charitable organization after a certain period of time.

Fux notes

FuxNoten simplifies a very time-consuming and responsible task in everyday school life: grade management.

HERE you can access the parent account for FuxNoten.
HERE you will find helpful tips on registration and use.

Language diversity

We translate our websites with an extension that creates an automatic translation using state-of-the-art software.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee a perfect and error-free translation.