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Information on school transport ZVMS

The Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen (ZVMS) is the responsible body for the necessary school transport in the districts of Mittelsachsen, Zwickau and the Erzgebirgskreis.

The ZVMS is responsible for the entire processing of school transport, from accepting applications to issuing tickets and ordering transport services for school transport. The school transport staff can be contacted by parents, pupils and schools at the VMS in Chemnitz on +49 371 4000 888.

The applications are provided by the VMS. These are then valid for all pupils in the districts of Mittelsachsen and Zwickau as well as the Erzgebirgskreis. Further information on school transport can be found on the VMS homepage.

Here you will find the current applications

Contact the ZVMS:
Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen
School transport department
Am Rathaus 2
09111 Chemnitz

Phone: +49 371 4000888

Timetables of the VMS

Our school is connected to the local public transport network by the stops "Lichtensteiner/Stollberger Strasse" (lines 260, 261, 199), "Kronprinz" (lines 260, 261, 198), "Kirche" (lines 260, 261, 193) and "Haltepunkt" (CityBahn, 260, 261). Here are some connections:

  • Gersdorf: Bus 116 
  • Hohenstein-Ernsthal: Bus 191,125,116
  • Chemnitz and Jahnsdorf: Citybahn C11
  • Lugau: Bus 193, 260, 262
  • Lichtenstein: Bus 199, Citybahn
  • Oelsnitz: Bus 260,199,116
  • Thalheim: Bus 190
  • Zwönitz: Bus 184

You can also register at for more detailed information.

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