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Parent representation

General information

The parent representatives represent the interests of the parents and pupils vis-à-vis the school.

The most important tasks are:

  • deepen the relationship of trust and cooperation between parents and teachers
  • to safeguard the parents' interest in their child's education and upbringing
  • to give parents the opportunity to be informed and to debate at special events
  • to discuss parents' wishes, suggestions and proposals

Procedures for solving problems

School conference

Parents want a general procedure:
(the same procedure applies to parents)

  • Encourage the student to take his or her destiny into their own hands,
  • the student first contacts the relevant subject teacher,
  • The pupil informs the class teacher, if necessary, who can act as a moderator,
  • If the problem could not be solved, the liaison teacher is consulted,
  • last instance: school management.

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