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Language camp experience

The new fifth grades took advantage of the beautiful autumn weather at the beginning of October for their first adventure together - the English camp. Together with their teachers, they went to Thalheim from October 4 to 7, 2022, where they spent an exciting time together, were able to actively use and expand their English skills, and got to know each other better.

The students enjoyed the wonderful autumn weather with, for example, sports activities and mushroom picking in the forest. There was also an art scavenger hunt, a trip to the Rabenstein climbing forest and a visit to the exciting exhibition at Phänomenia Stollberg.

In the evening, we sat together around a cozy campfire and were able to end the day in a relaxed way.

Numerous new friendships were formed during these days and everyone felt more connected to each other afterwards, so that they can now face the new challenges of the school year as a strengthened team.


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