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From 17-24.10.2023, our high school class 9 took part in the Erasmus+ program with a school in northern Spain. We extended the summer by a week in the Basque Country in Getxo, a small town near Bilbao.

Congratulations on 10 years of IPS

The ION/IGN team congratulated our affiliated school, the International Primary School Stollberg, on its 10th anniversary with joy and enthusiasm.

English Camp 2023

While at the English camp, the children accomplished and enjoyed so many activities! We began with an English lesson and learned a few songs together!

Cool holidays in the 2nd week of school

On August 28 and 29, 2023, the International Schools Niederwürschnitz celebrated the 125th anniversary of our school building and the 25th anniversary of the new extension.

Successful "Social Days"

Inspired by Clean-Up Day, a worldwide day of action to clean up the environment, pupils from class 10g at our grammar school and class 9b at our secondary school took a commendable initiative in the last few days of school before the summer vacations to clear the Würschnitz here in Niederwürschnitz of litter and pollution.

What an exciting day about Africa!

Monday, last week of school - the school building is decorated differently in eight rooms, classes 5 and 6 are having a project day about kids in Africa.
There are stations about living conditions, food & culture of African children:

Benefit concert 2023

In the late afternoon of 14.06.2023, a whole host of children came together at the Bürgergarten Stollberg to put on a joint benefit concert. The colorful event began with the little ones, the Steppkes from the "Clever Kids" kindergarten, who performed a wonderful dance. Afterwards, the Musikusse from the International Primary School Stollberg and the International Schools Niederwürschnitz offered a varied program of theater, singing, instrumental contributions and dancing.

We finally got to know TINA

On a beautiful May day in the short week at the beginning of the month, class 10g went on a short trip to Chemnitz. The students gathered on Reichenhainer Straße in perfect weather. Excited about what was to come, class 10g, with the kind support of Ms. Geuthel, made their way to the premises of Chemnitz University of Technology.

Language diversity

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