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Maya - our reading queen

Hustle and bustle during the break. Class 6a from the International Schools in Niederwürschnitz quickly rearranges their classroom to surprise Class 6g, who have come to join them, as the school's reading queen is to be "crowned" here today.

Once again, Ms. Neubert, the German teacher, explains the procedure and the rules of the nationwide reading competition. First, the respective class winners briefly present their favorite book and read an excerpt from it. They then receive a text from another author. The jury assesses the reading technique, the interpretation of what has been read and also the selection of text passages. Afterwards, a draw was held to determine which participant would read first.

From then on, there was a tense silence. Maya first presented "Der Knäckebrotkrach" by Bob Konrad and Daniela Kohl. Melina then read from the book "Ostwind" by Lea Schmidbauer. This took a total of three minutes each.

It was immediately apparent that they had both prepared very well for the book presentation and read the text flawlessly. The participants did their best with the subsequent text, but there were small differences in the interpretation.

After the performance, the jury withdrew for almost five minutes before announcing the narrow decision: Maya is the reading queen, who can now move on to the regional round and represent the school there in the spring.

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